Saturday, January 23, 2016

must love dogs...

Anyone who’s ever had a furry friend knows how special that human-canine relationship is. They’re happy any moment you walk into a door, they seem to speak volumes with just that look they give you, and they’re constantly by your side wagging their tail saying “man, I love you!”  

Chance is my fur baby who's been in my life since 2005 while I was at college.  He turned 10 this past November and is hands down the most well behaved and loving dog we've ever had. He's good at sharing toys and letting the other animals hang all over him. So we pretty much let him do whatever he wants.  Next, is my mom's puppy Charlie Brown. He is trouble, but we love him anyways. He's always getting into something and has a little attitude problem we constantly try to break him of, but gosh he is adorable.  Then there's our little rescue, Scotty.  We've had him almost a year now and he definitely keeps us laughing. He loves to have our undivided attention and enjoys his walks and boy time with Andrew. 

I thought I would share a few pics of Chance, Charlie, and Scotty. 

As you can see, we're big animal lovers. So it's no wonder I love Amanda Seyfried's relationship with her dog, Finn. This video gives me the giggles and makes me want to do my own version with my dogs.  Hope you find it as entertaining as I did. 

Until next time....

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