Saturday, April 25, 2015

just beachy.

1. Sunset in Ocean Springs.
2. Seashells by the seashore.
3. Crane.
4. Where are you going Andrew?
5. His first time at the beach.
6. Relaxing.
7. Switching up his exercise routine.
8. Birds.
9. I'm always amazed how they can sit still for so long.
10. Love this little guy.
11. Picturesque.
12. Another crane.
13. The Gulf Coast.
14. Sitting on the dock.
15. What's down there?
16. Such a wonderful evening.

Last Friday evening was so lovely we decided to take Scotty to the beach for the first time in Ocean Springs.  He loved it!!  Loved running up and down the beach, putting his toes in the water, getting sand on his nose, etc.  We definitely need to do it again in the near future.  We've been dying to take him to New Orleans for the day once this rain stops.  We think he's well behaved enough to handle it.  Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week.

Until next time...

12 / 52

Andrew: Boys on the way to the beach. 
Me: laid back Friday evening in Ocean Springs. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

family time.

1. Hey there alligator!
2. My cousin holding a baby gator. 
3. Sunbathing.
4. Biggest gator at the ranch.
5. My 14 year old cousin is now taller than me. 
6. Striking a pose. 
7. It's gross, but I love seeing all the green. 
8. Family.
9. Nature.
10. Couple of nuts. 
11. Cousins on a nice day out.
12. These two are getting so big. 

My cousins came into town to visit and the weather was up in the air with rainstorms coming and going so we decided to stay close to home and visited a local alligator ranch in Moss Point.  We had a fun day of holding baby gators, seeing who could spot the biggest alligator, and getting to feed some as well.  We also spent time walking around downtown Ocean Springs and checking out the different shops.  I'm hoping next time the weather will be on our side and we can make a trip to New Orleans for the day. 

Until next time...

Friday, April 17, 2015

11 / 52

Andrew: one man assembly line. 
Me: peek-a-boo.

10 / 52

Andrew: walking around downtown Ocean Springs. 
Me: checking it off the bucket list. 

fixer upper.

I bought this mantel at this antique store in Montgomery, but saw it's potential as a nice addition to our first apartment together.  Andrew, my dad, and my brother gave me a lot of crap about it and I almost felt a little like Linus Van Pelt… I mean I never thought it was such a bad little mantel.  Now the reason I purchased this mantel to begin with is I've been spring cleaning like crazy and trying to make our apartment look better.  I can feel the longing for summer and adventure storing up in my bones and I've been having daydreams of trips to New Orleans and excursions to the islands with friends.  I guess I'm trying to rush the seasons.  Summer will get here when it gets here and similarly, so will my next season of life.  What I shouldn't do is go out looking for new things to add to our already small apartment.  I shouldn't sit around pining for summer so hard that I miss the spring.  Embrace the season you're in friends so you don't end up with a load of do it yourself projects like myself.

Regardless, thanks to my amazing dad (and some help from my equally amazing mother) you can see the finished project they did while I was at work.  It was such a nice surprise that my dad sawed the mantel down some so I wouldn't have to move the windows we just hung a few weeks ago.  They also nailed a board to the top to give me a sturdy top for all my knick knacks and painted the whole thing for me.  I still need to add a primer to the top, but I'm really proud of my little find.  

Until next time...

9 / 52

Andrew: his version of father/son bonding.
Me: he likes to cuddle.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


1. Love me some Fleetwood Mac.
2. Vinyl always sounds better.
3. Vintage.
4. Wish I had the space for something like this (or the skills to make it).
5. New addition to our home.
6. My new project.

I love antiquing.  I mean, who doesn't love looking through a wide array of people's old cherished belongings?  One person's trash is another's treasure.  

I had a great little adventure with my mom and aunt looking for some new furniture this past weekend, in Montgomery, for our apartment.  We stumbled upon some great finds (Picture 5 and 6) and a new dresser (not pictured).  I'm waiting for my parents to haul the dresser back for me and then we can get rid of Andrew's old dresser.  Poor thing has been falling apart since we met. 

I also have a new, little project… the mantel in the last picture.  It's going to look great when it's done and yes, I may be pre-celebrating but I am excited about it.  Even though Andrew called it a piece of junk. lol.  He lacks imagination, but what girl doesn't love to prove their man wrong?  Am I right?

Until next time...