Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DVD Organization.

We have accumulated a lot of movies over our 6 years together. Like too many. 

If you're curious why we own SO MANY DVD's, we don't have cable or internet since we're not usually home long enough to justify the expense.  Plus, my parents live 5 minutes down the road so if we really needed to we could use theirs. As our collection has grown, I've noticed how much space they take up and decided it was time to simplify.  I've seen a few DVD organization blog posts, but I was really inspired by the blog Living Well Mom

We live in a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment so we need all the space we can get. It's difficult organizing small spaces so I was excited Erika's blog helped me tackle this project. 

Disclaimer: Our lighting isn't that great so I worked with what I could for this post. 

Want to know how much space you'll save?

(photo credit to Living Well Mom)

I mean this is an amazing right?!

Now, Erika mentioned being hesitant to throw out certain cases cause she was weirdly attached to them and I ran into the same problem with certain movie collections (Ex: Harry Potter, Marvel, Fast & Furious, etc.).  However, my desire to have everything consistent outweighed my weird attachment.  

What I used:
  1. Rubbermaid Bento Medium Storage Boxes with flex dividers (in linen). I found the color I wanted on Amazon. The bento storage boxes are the perfect size for organizing DVDs. You can fit around 75 DVD's in each one and still be able to easily flip through them.
  2. Atlantic movie sleeves. Also purchased through AmazonEach movie sleeve has two pockets for two discs – one for the main feature and a special feature disc if you want.

I purchased several bento storage boxes and movies sleeves over a couple of paychecks cause it did add up, but it was well worth it to me to save space.  An added bonus will be the convenience when we get ready to move in the future.

I'm so happy with the finished product!! 

We separated them into categories - Kids/Disney, Comedy, Action/Drama, Collections, Romance, and Holidays. You can see we also kept our boxed sets for our favorite television shows. I just have to create dividers now since I alphabetized them also.

And that's how you organize too many DVD's into a small space!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

30 days.

*record scratch* Did she just say 30 days?!  Yes, I did!  The time is definitely flying by now. Today, my department threw me a little celebratory Bridal Shower to wish Andrew and myself happy thoughts for the big day. It was very sweet and I was especially touched by the donations that were given, what with the wedding being close to the holidays. I know people start looking now for gifts for family and little ones to put on layaway so I can't express enough what the gift card we were given meant to Andrew and myself.  I actually ended up taking that (and two other gifts cards from our previous Bridal Shower) and buying our dishes from Crate and Barrel (pictured above). 

*happy dance*

Until next time...