Friday, September 11, 2015

14 / 52

1. I love you.
2. No caption needed.

off season.

1. At the Shucker's Baseball game.
2. Father's Day Baseball game that got rained out.
3. Girl's Night in New Orleans: NKOTB, TLC, and Nelly Concert.
4. Celebrating Sarah's engagement!
5. Renew our rivers.
6. Ovenmaster Golf Tournament.
7. Me and my bud, Scotty.
8. Engagement Party photo booth.
9. My friends get my "FRIENDS" obsession.
10. The bridesmaids (minus Andrea).
11. Girls just wanna have fun.
12. I love these ladies.
13. Dad humoring me. 
14. Brunch with Em. 

Learning to slow down this week.  Slowing down has been hard since May through September is absolutely insane at work. That is my off season from blogging.  I tried numerous times to squeeze in time to write and failed (miserably) at every single attempt.  I've been constantly going, going, going and always doing something.  From botched attempts to surprise my dad for a father's day baseball game (that got rained out) to concerts with girlfriends to see bands from our childhood/high school years to best friend's getting engaged to engagement parties thrown by the most amazing girlfriends for me and Andrew.  I can't even remember the last time I read a book.  Even when I have free time, I feel like I have to keep the house clean, or fold the laundry and straighten things up.  I finished one of my classes last month and things don't seem to be going at 100 mph nowadays so YAY for that.  I'm still learning (aka struggling) to accept that messes can sometimes wait.  Savoring quiet time in the morning is important.  Going on dates with the fiance should happen more often and that I should just sit and breathe every now and then.  

So I hope everyone else has had an amazing summer.  I'm extremely anxious for my favorite month of the year (October) to get here.  Cause I am all about Fall and am ready to have more time to blog.  

Until next time....