Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kiss the miss goodbye.

1-11. Little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous!
12. Gautier Girls - Class of 2003.
13. Friends since we were 3.
14. My music soulmate.
15. Mary's moments.
16. Andrea's moments. 

I had my bridal shower this past Sunday.  It was such a great turnout, even though the weather was on the dreary side. Andrew and I got a bunch of much needed (and appreciated) household items that we can't wait to start using. It was also a great opportunity to see (and somewhat visit with) friends I don't get to see as often as we would like. Once the wedding festivities slow down, and after the holidays, I hope to be able to get back to visiting with all these lovely ladies more often.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This is a little late, but what can I say? LIFE. We went to New Orleans for my bachelorette party and it couldn't have been more perfect.  It wasn't miserably hot, even though it was the first week in August.  The girls really outdid themselves and my friend Emily came in from Seattle... which was such an awesome surprise. We hung out at the hotel for a bit before heading to a cute pizza joint and then hitting up Frenchman street for the rest of the evening. The only hitch in the whole trip was that I forgot my driver's license in the hotel and didn't realize it until we got asked for our ID at the first bar we went to. So, YAY for getting hit up for my ID (basically meaning I could pass for 20) and bummer that me and Em had to get an uber back to the hotel while everyone waited. *whomp whomp*

The next morning/afternoon of festivities were so relaxing.  I almost wanted to say "hey ladies, lets just hang out here all night in the pool".  Andrea is so creative with her decorating that I sometimes feel she missed her calling as a party planner. I couldn't have asked for a better setting for all the girls to meet and mingle with one another.  Everyone got along great and it's those little things that mean so much.  I opened my gifts and we played an embarrassing Q&A game (it's tradition), before we headed back to our hotel to get ready for our last night out. 

I love that the girls went with pink outfits for the last night.  It was cute, different, and tied into the "#letsflamingle" theme. We went to Channing Tatum's restaurant/bar and the food was delish!  I would highly recommend making a stop in if you're ever that way.  To sum things up, words cannot express how thankful I am to have such great friends who took the time to make that weekend so special and memorable for me. 

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The empathetic star.

"You're really good at making decisions even if you don't feel like it. I mean, look at how many decisions you've made before. Amazing! Look at where you are right now; You must've made some pretty incredible decisions to get there - good or bad. You're such a good decision maker." 

Oh, Dallas Clayton... how thankful I am for these words of encouragement this morning. 

You're doing OK, friends. Really, truly, we are doing OK. 

Work has been really hectic lately. There's a bunch of projects launching, upgrades to our systems, setting up software and programs for agents in local offices, etc... I'm still learning in my new role so feeling a little overwhelmed this week. I know this anxiety feeling will pass, but hoping it's sooner rather than later. I haven't been getting home until late each night so I put up my fall and Harry Potter decorations early to help my mood this week. I also justified breaking them out since we won't be home most of October due to wedding festivities. So fall and Harry Potter themed goodness are being celebrated August through October... and that's that. 

Until next time...