Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The empathetic star.

"You're really good at making decisions even if you don't feel like it. I mean, look at how many decisions you've made before. Amazing! Look at where you are right now; You must've made some pretty incredible decisions to get there - good or bad. You're such a good decision maker." 

Oh, Dallas Clayton... how thankful I am for these words of encouragement this morning. 

You're doing OK, friends. Really, truly, we are doing OK. 

Work has been really hectic lately. There's a bunch of projects launching, upgrades to our systems, setting up software and programs for agents in local offices, etc... I'm still learning in my new role so feeling a little overwhelmed this week. I know this anxiety feeling will pass, but hoping it's sooner rather than later. I haven't been getting home until late each night so I put up my fall and Harry Potter decorations early to help my mood this week. I also justified breaking them out since we won't be home most of October due to wedding festivities. So fall and Harry Potter themed goodness are being celebrated August through October... and that's that. 

Until next time...

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