Tuesday, February 16, 2016

what the heck is she doing with her life?


1. rainy days.
2. girls night.
3. birthday celebrations.
4. family time in New Orleans.
5. birthday boy.
6. mardi gras shenanigans.
7. I love doing life with him.

I wanted to fill everyone in on what the heck I've been doing with my life.  I'm currently in school, just finished my final exam tonight for my Intro to Business class so that will leave me with 9 classes until I get my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing.  *virtual high five* 

I also interviewed and prepped like a mad woman for this position in my current department at work and actually killed the interview.  So I am now the new Customer Care Technology Analyst.  And let me tell you... it feels damn good all my hard work paid off. All the hours spent before and after work preparing made me feel at ease (for the first time ever) during the interview process. 

I look forward to the challenges ahead because for the past couple years of my life, I thought I was supposed to be many things, and I actually ended up not being a single one of them. I had plans and dreams and instead of growing and taking on new challenges and a new season of life (in the new ways I thought I would) I've been stuck spinning in circles trying to figure out who I want to be and who I need to be.

We live in a world where we are constantly told we have to be something or someone to be any good. To be worthy. To be nailing it at life. And what I'm learning, is that it doesn't even matter. Not even a second of it. I may not have tons of money, I may not drive what I want to be driving, I may not live where I want to live, and I may not have everything I've ever wanted, but what I do have at the end of the day; is joy. 

I have an amazing fiance who gets me.  He regularly pulls me in for a kiss, a butt squeeze, a long hug, a hair stroke or all the above for no apparent reason at all. When the garbage has reached capacity, he'll take it out and actually refill the trashcan with a fresh bag. When I've lost my patience, he'll help my parents out with their technology questions like how to set up wi-fi in their house. Those kind of things make me grateful to have such a great guy in my life. 

I have THE best parents. Talking about the kind that will stop what they're doing at the drop of a hat if I needed their help.  I thank God every day to be blessed for their love and guidance through this crazy world we live in.  I'm thankful for their time, diaper changes, singing (note: tone-deaf singing), home cooked meals, take out meals, the driving to and from, their sarcasm, their laughter, their joy, their encouragement, and their love.

I also have a great core group of friends.  The adopted family for myself.  Those I lean on and turn to as much as Andrew and my parents.  Truly blessed for each and every one of you.  

That's the stuff that really matters. Not who we are or the names we make for ourselves.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

learn and grow.

Humans. We are such beautiful beings. We deal with pain, heartache, joy, laughter, change, growth, life... all at the same time. 
You see, there are things that I am working so very hard to change and mend to become the person that I strive to be. And I'm sure there are things that you as well, are working on too. And let me be the first to tell you, I fail. I fail and fall flat on my face each and every day. But you would never know that because you are not me. You don't know what goes on internally or in the other hours of my days when I am not around you... just like I don't fully know what's happening truly in your life. We have no idea the battles and trials we all face every single day. Remember to be kind. 
Once we realize the importance of people and their stories (even our own), I think that's when we start doing life right. And when others wrong you, spread even more kindness. Kindness and more kindness after that. We are all doing our best my friends.  

I'm learning and I'm growing.