Sunday, February 14, 2016

learn and grow.

Humans. We are such beautiful beings. We deal with pain, heartache, joy, laughter, change, growth, life... all at the same time. 
You see, there are things that I am working so very hard to change and mend to become the person that I strive to be. And I'm sure there are things that you as well, are working on too. And let me be the first to tell you, I fail. I fail and fall flat on my face each and every day. But you would never know that because you are not me. You don't know what goes on internally or in the other hours of my days when I am not around you... just like I don't fully know what's happening truly in your life. We have no idea the battles and trials we all face every single day. Remember to be kind. 
Once we realize the importance of people and their stories (even our own), I think that's when we start doing life right. And when others wrong you, spread even more kindness. Kindness and more kindness after that. We are all doing our best my friends.  

I'm learning and I'm growing.

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