Friday, April 17, 2015

fixer upper.

I bought this mantel at this antique store in Montgomery, but saw it's potential as a nice addition to our first apartment together.  Andrew, my dad, and my brother gave me a lot of crap about it and I almost felt a little like Linus Van Pelt… I mean I never thought it was such a bad little mantel.  Now the reason I purchased this mantel to begin with is I've been spring cleaning like crazy and trying to make our apartment look better.  I can feel the longing for summer and adventure storing up in my bones and I've been having daydreams of trips to New Orleans and excursions to the islands with friends.  I guess I'm trying to rush the seasons.  Summer will get here when it gets here and similarly, so will my next season of life.  What I shouldn't do is go out looking for new things to add to our already small apartment.  I shouldn't sit around pining for summer so hard that I miss the spring.  Embrace the season you're in friends so you don't end up with a load of do it yourself projects like myself.

Regardless, thanks to my amazing dad (and some help from my equally amazing mother) you can see the finished project they did while I was at work.  It was such a nice surprise that my dad sawed the mantel down some so I wouldn't have to move the windows we just hung a few weeks ago.  They also nailed a board to the top to give me a sturdy top for all my knick knacks and painted the whole thing for me.  I still need to add a primer to the top, but I'm really proud of my little find.  

Until next time...

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