Saturday, April 18, 2015

family time.

1. Hey there alligator!
2. My cousin holding a baby gator. 
3. Sunbathing.
4. Biggest gator at the ranch.
5. My 14 year old cousin is now taller than me. 
6. Striking a pose. 
7. It's gross, but I love seeing all the green. 
8. Family.
9. Nature.
10. Couple of nuts. 
11. Cousins on a nice day out.
12. These two are getting so big. 

My cousins came into town to visit and the weather was up in the air with rainstorms coming and going so we decided to stay close to home and visited a local alligator ranch in Moss Point.  We had a fun day of holding baby gators, seeing who could spot the biggest alligator, and getting to feed some as well.  We also spent time walking around downtown Ocean Springs and checking out the different shops.  I'm hoping next time the weather will be on our side and we can make a trip to New Orleans for the day. 

Until next time...

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