Friday, January 1, 2016

a beautiful mess.

So anyone who knows me knows 2016 is going to be a busy year for me.  I need a planner for work, home, wedding planning (for me and my bestie's wedding), school, blogging reminders, and pretty much life.  And I found it all in one organized, lovely place. 

I’ve been a planner for practically my whole life. I’ve used some sort of planning system or calendar for years. There’s  something about systematically organizing your entire life into one small binder that excites me. I love it!  I have tried just about every type of planner brand and size there is, from the largest to the smallest and most expensive to the least expensive. I don’t discriminate. I am a planner enthusiast. So today I'm sharing my new planner for 2016.

Brand: Tiny Blossoms 2016 Planner (originally from A Beautiful Mess)

Size: I decided to go with a more practical sized planner this year. The Tiny Blossoms Planner is 7.75"L, 6.25"W. As much as I loved my Whitney English Day Designer (2015 Flash Edition) the size (9.75"L, 9"W) was a bit much for my daily needs on the go.  My new planner fits easily in my purse unlike last years.  Even though my new planner is smaller it still gives me the room I need to write everything down that's important to me. 

Tabs: Calendar (Monthly & Daily) and To Do's for each month.

Writing Tools: Sharpie Fine Point Pens and Sharpie Highlighters.

Color Coding: I use color coding with my work schedule, trading shifts with coworkers, doctor visits, dentist appointments, and so forth. I usually stick with 5 colors so it doesn't get too confusing.  *I added an additional color this year for wedding planning.

Color Category:

  • Black - original shift (work)
  • Red - shift change (work)
  • Blue - bills
  • Purple - appointments (doctor, dentist, hair, etc...)
  • Green - work related meetings
  • Pink - wedding planning

Highlighter Category:

  • Yellow - holidays
  • Green - payday
  • Pink - cancelled
  • Orange - rescheduled

Accessories: I'm not much of a planner "decorator". I've tried it and it really isn't for me. I do add a few task stickers here and there but for the most part, you won't see me decorating weekly layout pages. It is too time consuming and I simply don't have the time to do it. 

That, in a nutshell, is how I stay organized and try not to get overwhelmed with adulting.   

Until next time... 

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