Sunday, February 22, 2015

laissez bon temps rouler

1. Gal-entine's Day.
2. My friend Barbara and her husband, Jason.
3. She cracks me up on a daily basis.
4. We decided to make Valentine's a fancy occasion this year.
5. My heart.
6. Love birds.
7. We never go out of style.
8. Lady in Red.
9. My lovely coworkers who keep me sane.

"Joie de vivre" - joy of living.  What a joy it is to be alive friends.  Don't take advantage of your day.  It's going to be a great one.  I hope that you love bravely and live courageously.  I'm blessed to have such great, creative people in my life.  Whether I've known them my entire life, many years, or a few months… I cannot say enough about these wonderful souls.  I got to enjoy some of their time and funny personalities last weekend for the Les Belle Fleurs Mardi Gras Ball on Valentine's Day.  My good friend, Barbara, was one of the maids and she looked absolutely gorgeous.  We didn't go to any parades this year since it was so cold and we didn't catch much at the parades we went to last year.  Maybe next year the weather will be better.  

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's Day and great Mardi Gras season.

Until next time...

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