Tuesday, December 30, 2014

organizing 2015.

Guess what came in the mail the other day?!  My Whitney English 2015 Day Designer.  For those of you who don't know I LOVE a good planner. I NEED a good planner in my life.  I make lists for my lists and then have mini lists of post-it's on top of those.  Imagine post-it notes as far as the eye can see… stuck on my desk, on my desktop calendar, on my computer monitors, on my travel planner for work, on my dashboard in the car, etc.  Making lists (for pretty much everything) keeps me on track and sane when life gets a little hectic.  So I started looking for a planner last month and I wanted to find the PERFECT one because (1) I love planners and (2) life has gotten really busy and I needed to be able to store work, home, blogging reminders, wedding planning, and "life" things all in one organized, pretty place.

My coworkers laugh at me and my color coding system, but I will admit I do enjoy making lists and planning.  Anywho, back to the my Day Designer… The most unique part about this planner is that it starts with worksheets to fill out at the beginning of the year that will help you identify values, set goals, and track progress.  The worksheets push you to think about what you truly want to accomplish in the next year, then give you a place to record those thoughts and revisit at any time.

After the worksheets at the front of the Day Designer, there is plenty of room to plan for day-to-day activities.  At the beginning of the each month, there is a Month-At-A-Glance section, with a full calendar and space for long-term planning.  Finally, each day of the year has its own full page.  Some people (like me) need that room to spread out, doodle with Sharpie pens, and make some big plans.  These daily pages include lines for every hour (5am-9pm), as well as space for a to-do list, dinner planning, budget tracking, etc.  There's even room to record a Daily Gratitude in the bottom corner.

So here's to a new year of new beginnings of organizing 2015.

Until next time...

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