Sunday, December 21, 2014

New York is always a good idea.


1. Celebrating our 30th Birthday in New York City.
2. Not letting the rain (or the cold) slow me down.
3. Street vendors.
4. Got to meet this little cutie finally.
5. Old friends.
6. We don't see each other enough.
7. !!!
8. Optical illusion.
9. Empire State Building.
10. Top of the world.
11. Postcard view.
12. This view doesn't suck.
13. 102nd floor.
14. I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are.
15. My first Broadway play.
16. "Maybe this time..."
17. Lady Liberty.
18. Lovely sunset on the way back in.
19. These colors.
20. Sarah and Blake.
21. Central walks.
22. Too cold to play.
23. You're gorgeous mother nature.
24. Lost.
25. Ground Zero.

So, I decided to go to New York City last minute with my friends Sarah and Blake to ring in the new decade of our lives. It was such a fun, jam packed experience and I'm so glad we were able to go (even though the weather was dreary).  We walked the entire Brooklyn Bridge in the rain, we went ice skating at Rockefeller Center (where I saw Ruper Grint... still can't get over it), saw Emma Stone and Alan Cummings in Cabaret, went to the Serendipity store while Sarah and Blake did a food tour in Chelsea, did the tour of the Empire State Building, paid our respects at Ground Zero, and caught up with our friend Emily... who we haven't seen since we went there four years ago.  We also went to this really neat diner called "Ellen's Stardust Diner" where the waiters and waitresses sing while you eat.  The whole trip was definitely one for the books.  I love New York City so much!  I appreciate the birds flying above me, people running around, blue skies, etc... I never wanted to leave. I love to explore, to document, to observe the world around me, take notes, collect things I find on my travels, and accumulate experiences. 

I often think of the quote from the movie Tuck Everlasting... "Don't be afraid of death; Be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to life forever, you just have to life.".  I drive a crappy car and don't live in the nicest apartment, but that's ok with me cause I would rather use my money for travel.  It's the best education you will ever get.  The unknown. Different races, different styles, different actions... different surroundings.  Go and explore.

Until next time...

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