Tuesday, May 20, 2014

that time I met Matthew McConaughey

This past weekend was one for the books (no pun intended).

I went to New Orleans with my friend Mary and her coworker Tammy.  We had an unforgettable experience.  We went for the RT Book Convention which was a bit of a cluster in the beginning, but we got to meet so many of our favorite authors.  They were all extremely friendly and I loved being able to put a face with some of my favorite stories. 

After we met the authors and purchased our books we went to eat at Huck Finn's and then stopped into Cafe Du Monde for beignets. 

While we were walking back I was snapping a few photos of an old building on my iPhone when all of a sudden who breezes out of a car to my left with his wife and a friend, but the one and only Matthew McConaughey.  

Naturally, all three of us gasped and reached for our phones walking briskly so as not to lose capturing this moment.  I was very proud that we didn't scream or make a scene so we could get a photo of this gorgeous guy.  Especially since there was a line a few feet away of people waiting to see Kenny Chesney perform a benefit concert and we didn't want to have him get swarmed by fans.  

After they were seen quickly into the House of Blues I shouted "Congrats on your Oscar" and Matt turned and said "Thank you very much" *swoon* What a gentleman.

Later that evening, we got to go to the Meet and Greet as part of our day pass and it turned out to be a lovely surprise that all the books at this portion of the day were free. So of course we stuffed our bags until we couldn't put another thing in them.  There was also great food for everyone, which was also a lovely treat. So I've decided to join Mary and Tammy at Book Bash in Orlando at the end of June.  I'm pretty excited about this cause we're also planning on going to Universal Studios as well (Hogwarts I'm coming for you!). 

Until next time...

 So happy to meet these wonderful ladies, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billing (also known as Christina Lauren)… the brilliant ladies responsible for the Beautiful Series.  I mean what can I say about these books?  They're all kinds of amazing.  These are the type of books I start to read and completely forget about reality… I mean I pretty much ignore whatever is going on in my life until I finish them.  Then I get the dreaded book hangover.  

 Rachel Van Dyken… what a sweetheart.  She actually had a stomach bug, but still came out for her fans.  Her book "The Bet" is such a fun, hilarious read and we got to meet her grandmother who was her inspiration for the grandmother in the book.  I thought it was really great her mom and husband got to come and support her as well. 

 So, I feel a little foolish that I was unaware that E.L. James is British.  She really is a lovely lady.  Her lines were definitely the longest at every event of the day, so we were thankful to get to meet her when we did.  We even saw her and her husband at the bar later that evening, where I was able to get this picture.  Hopefully all the authors had a great time while they were visiting New Orleans. 

 me and my book buddies. 

 meet our new friends, Zach and Eric.  Such sweet guys.  Wishing them the best of luck in their Web Series.

awright, awright, awright!

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  1. Love your blog! I had no idea that you actually spoke to Matthew McConaughey! Sounds like a fun weekend!