Tuesday, May 20, 2014

missing in action.

SHE LIVES!!  I've been neglecting my blog due to stress from school and work. mainly school.  So this will be sort of a condensed version of the past month.  

There was lots of homework. LOTS. Analysis projects, presentations, research papers… oh my!  But I did really well in both classes and I'm glad to have them behind me.  

When I wasn't consumed by school and work I snuck away to New Orleans, went to the flea market, and had some fun times out with my friends and coworkers. 

So enjoy some of my favorite moments (and meals) captured via my iPhone, in no particular order. 

 This was my very first macaroon.  It was like a little piece of heaven. 

 Kickball Tournament for work. 

 that night I wore makeup… and you could actually tell I was. 

 the boyfriend.  such a cutie.

 my flea market purchase.

 my three year anniversary gift from Andrew. 

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