Monday, June 19, 2017

My Social Book. Me. My friends. My life. My book.

With everyone and everything going digital in the world it means that most of us haven’t printed out photos in ages or have few pictures framed to show for all of the memories we’ve created.  I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to cherish family photos, vacations, holidays, and life events. And I’ve found the easiest, quickest, and perfect way to do it and it’s called My Social Book.

Everyone has a Facebook page or Instagram page (well most do), so it only makes sense to utilize this outlet to help us document memories for our family. My Social Book is a company that transforms your Instagram (or Facebook) timeline into a memory book. It’s completely customizable and you choose what types of posts you want included in the book. Don’t want to include posts others have shared on your page? No problem, you don’t have to! I decided to capture my Instagram page of shared family outings, life events, and silly snapshots of our daily lives.  Through My Social Book, I’ve been able to take those shared posts and create a memory book.

 And you want to know the best part of My Social Book? It's not time consuming like scrapbooking. Creating a My Social Book literally takes a few minutes, at most! If you are a busy person like me, this may be the answer to your prayers.  Pictured above are the two books that I’ve created so far. I began last year and have documented through 2013 so far. These books were kind of pricey, but can you really put a price on memories? 

I now pay more attention to the events and photos I share with my friends. I've always been big on capturing memories for my family and I am documenting our lives. My Social Book has been a true blessing for us and I’m so grateful to be able to capture and preserve memories in such an easy way. Also, they are completely customizable from the colors, to the styles and covers.

Below is a page documenting my time in Georgia with my cousins.

And here is the time Andrew's family was visiting and we took the kids to the Aquarium in New Orleans for the day.

Happy Documenting!

Until next time... 

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