Monday, April 25, 2016

Beach Please.

1. Orange Beach for Sarah's Bachelorette Party and Mullet Toss.
2. Sarah's Crew.
3. Borrowed Andrea's snapshot.
4. Neon is in this season. 
5. No Chella.
6. Hanging out before hitting Flora-Bama.
7. Something was funny.
8. Peter. 
9. The Bride and her Mates.
10. Beach Games.
11. Showing off Sarah's pin.
12. Exploring.
13. Last photo on my camera.

One of my best friends is getting married soon so we all decided to celebrate her happiness by throwing a bachelorette party for her at Mullet Toss this year.  We used to go all the time in our 20's and let me tell you it's very different in your 30's, ha.  

Here's the deal: Mullet Toss is legendary.  It's one of the biggest beach parties on the Gulf Coast.  People dress up in silly outfits and I love to people watch. It's very entertaining... Whatever. I have (almost) no shame doing it. 

And SPOILER ALERT: We had a blast!  It was great getting everyone together since it's harder these days with everyone starting families and moving to different cities.  Besides the couple of panic attacks that snuck up on me, I had a wonderful weekend with these girls.  I spent yesterday trying to pinpoint what brought on my attacks and I think it was the large social setting.  So something to work on still.  

Looking forward to Sarah and Blake's big day in two weeks. So until next time... 

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