Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our family just got a little bigger.

1. Gloomy day at work.
2. My grandmother turned 86 this year.
3. El Saltillo.
4. My spirit animal.
5. Up close and personal.
6. Ducks fly together.
7. Team Building.
8. Lots of knots.
9. He cleans up nicely.
10. The newest member of our little family.

We all have busy lives, right?  We have to-do lists for days upon days, color-coded calendars for each member of our family, errands to run, houses to clean, and projects to push through.  So it's easy to see why I could've easily drove past this matted little guy you see in my eighth photo.  I found him wandering the streets, took him in, cleaned him, and my fiancĂ© fell in love with him while I was at work.  So we decided to keep him and call him Scotty.  Andrew likes to refer to him as our "trial run", lol.  He is doing well so far and luckily is house broken.  Thank the lord.  The only thing we do notice is he does not like us playing with his toys.  Hint the last picture where he is using his toy as a pillow.

Until next time...

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