Monday, August 18, 2014

shake it off.

Life has been hectic lately.  Work is insane, school is tiring, and life's other little challenges seem to be piling up. I think part of it is my anxiety about what's coming up in the future.  Trying to save for a new car, possibly moving, and I have a vacation that can't get here soon enough. Basically I sound like I'm whining, but I need a break like no other.  Oh, did I mention I'm trying to write my first book? EEEEKKK!!!  I'm having writer's block, but trying to find inspiration to push through.  So, I'm going to wrap up this short post with something happy...
Andrew making me laugh and this moment being captured in time.

And this lovely, catchy song I'm playing on repeat to try and get me out of my funk. 

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